Media Production and Cross Media Marketing Management.

    Rollout of Metro Herald onstreet brand activation to 190,000 daily commuters, in conjunction with Go Metro website launch
  • Student Travel Card

    Ireland’s largest national student ID and discount card, with opportunities in branding, social media and above the line advertising
  • Keith Barry - Brain Hacker

  • eMark - The official mark for Irish eCommerce sites

    Creation of identity, web development and strategy for the eMark
  • HailO Branding Exercise

    Design and manufacture of bespoke in-car advertising branding solutions
  • UniSlim

    Cross media marketing, print, digital and social media
  • eBay Ireland

    Design and hosting of partner company promotion landing pages, design and printing of collateral
  • AWAS

    Project management of annual reports, corporate video, email marketing and event branding

Cross media marketing management and production

In the digital era, corporate communications, whether  B2B or B2C, need to be multi-channel. Businesses need to strategically consider  the context of cross media marketing, multi-channel integrated communication.  Cross media is also known as transmedia and is a feature of many modern ad campaigns.  Cross media takes the audience on a journey across devices and through different media forms.  The storyline will invite a cross over from one media to the next which adds to campaign engagement.



Types of cross media

“Cross-media marketing refers to the use of two or more media types (print, e-mail, web, mobile, and/or social) in an orchestrated campaign targeting a specific demographic and/or psychographic segment. These campaigns can be retention programmes targeted at existing customers or acquisition programmes targeted at prospective customers. A cross-media campaign delivers relevant content and a call to action through multiple media simultaneously as an integrated campaign.”
Source: Info-trends.


Cross Media (also known as transmedia) is a media property, service, story or experience distributed across media platforms using a variety of media forms. From a production standpoint, it involves creating content that engages an audience using various techniques to permeate their daily lives. A transmedia production will develop stories across various media in order to deliver unique content in each channel. These pieces of content are not only linked together (whether obviously or not), but also synchronise  with each other in the narration.

Brand guardians

We act as brand guardians managing clients’ design, print, online, digital and social media projects. Dovetail will research, identify, qualify, negotiate competitive rates and project manage on behalf of our clients with third party suppliers saving them time, hassle and money.

We are a tier-one supplier and trusted adviser to our clients, managing digital media and print communications.

We  providing solutions to clients’ challenges that are fit for purpose.

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