Cross Media Communication

In this digital era, Dovetail provides businesses with the technical tools to communicate effectively whether B2C or B2B. We offer services and support that will allow our clients see the potential of new technologies and how this will grow their business. We believe in cross-media marketing and multi-channel integrated communication. Cross-media takes the audience on a journey across devices and through different media forms. The storyline will invite a cross over from one media to the next which adds to campaign engagement.

“Cross-media marketing refers to the use of two or more media types (print, e-mail, web, mobile, and/or social) in an orchestrated campaign targeting a specific demographic and/or psychographic segment. These campaigns can be retention programmes targeted at existing customers or acquisition programmes targeted at prospective customers. A cross-media campaign delivers relevant content and a call to action through multiple media simultaneously as an integrated campaign.”Source: Info-trends.

What We Do

Dovetail is constantly innovating and improving its offering. Our core services include:

  • Brand Identity & Communications
  • Digital Marketing & SEO
  • Web Design & Development
  • Creative Design & Content Production


For further information:

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